Old Man Paddywhack

The ancient owner of Sevil's magic shop


“Is it “on”? Is it ON!? Is it glowing? Is the symbol shining? Do you feel an energy when you are near it? No? THEN IT IS NOT ON!" —Old Man Paddywhack

First Impressions:

  • “Knock?” —Carson, after hearing how Paddywhack opens his locked doors
  • Ryelle first encountered Paddywhack after waking him to reopen his magic shop – for a price. Ryelle dealt patiently with the old man, waiting the long minutes it took him to get downstairs, unlock the door, locate information for him, and read books, even running to fetch the man’s glasses when he realized he’d forgotten them upstairs. Ryelle has secured a promise from the old man to perform a magic ritual to find the matching communication stone that Ryelle found on the kobold leader.
  • Possibly a wizard.
  • Extensive knowledge of rituals, magical oddities, and symbols.

Old Man Paddywhack

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