An extremely famous bard, surrounded by mystery and rumors


First Impressions:

  • The group first saw Ix on stage in the Golden Sparrow, privy to one of her famed performances. Upon her singing, all three men were affected by her song, while Ryelle plugged her ears to keep from falling under any possible spells.
  • Robort Donovan, under the influence of Dragon’s Fire, approached Ix after her performance, using miming to either challenge her to a musical duel, or ask her to do a duet – no one is sure which, as once Ix touched him, the alcoholic influence was flushed from his body and he was unsure what the hell he was doing on stage in the first place.
  • “I’m shoving this dirt and wax in my ears so I don’t hear her singing.” —Shane, for Ryelle
  • Famous for her performances.
  • Has an affinity for anything silver, or metallic things that are silver in color.
  • Favors playing at the Golden Sparrow in particular.
  • Showed up again a few months ago.
  • Rumors say that she is not entirely human; people speculate that she is possibly a fey creature, or a very old elf or eladrin, a dragon in human form, an aspect of a god or fate, or a muse-like astral being incarnate.
  • Showered with gifts of silver baubles and trinkets.
  • Wears a lot of jewelry.


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