One of the Triplets


First Impressions:

  • Lira was first noticed at the DMMV in the waiting room with two humans.
  • Taeo learned Lira’s name from an infatuated young tiefling at the Golden Sparrow during the huge party the night before they left for Sevil.
  • Taeo first interacted with Lira after stalking her through the streets of Sevil, where he came around a corner with her dagger in his face. He promptly attempted to act casual by leaning against a nearby building and having a little chat with her. It was at this time that he noticed her pendant, marking her as a member of the Umberguard.
  • Taeo ran into Lira a second time even later that evening, still wandering around the streets of Sevil – this time by rooftop. She taunted him out of his prayers to the Raven Queen by tossing a shuriken in his direction, then sat, idly playing with her weapons like toys while they talked again.
  • A tiefling rogue.
  • Exceptionally good with a dagger and shuriken.
  • Says she’s going to the same place as the group, and that she’s going to get there first.

Lira was found on the road to Sor with Tello. She had been attacked by five dark ones and poisoned with magically enhanced Bloodstinger poison. Taeo and Ryelle went ahead to find the materials for an antidote and Robert stuck with Lira to keep her healthy while they were gone. Taeo was able to concoct a disgusting antidote, but it has worked. Her sisters picked her up.


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