Four Adopted Children

Travels Thus Far

Up until now, our wayward adventurers have met in Talonere and have banded together for the purpose of fulfilling the Crown’s requirements to travel with their own weapons. And so, Rohonom, Ryelle, Robert, and Taeo rallied and went to the DMMV – the Department of Martial and Magical Volunteers. Here they attempted (and passed) five tests to qualify for membership within the DMMV, and were marked on the back of their hands with the DMMV’s crest. Upon their acceptance, they became eligible to accept quests from the DMMV which went towards the process of Adventuring Certification.

They are summoned to the DMMV again to get their first assignment. When entering the DMMV, some of the party members notice three girls (two humans and a Tiefling)

They return to the Golden Sparrow – a famous inn in which Ixx the Bard plays a haunting melody after Robert becomes known as Warlork the Dragon for his now famous performance. Robert becomes famous, Taeo listens to gossip and learns about the “Triplets” (he thinks he noticed them at the DMMV) being back in town, Ryelle and Rohonom learn the details of their mission tomorrow.

Their first task:
Escort the Caravan full of gypsies and children to a town known as Sevil, then learn of and solve the root of the problems which Sevil’s inhabitants are complaining. A small problem was soon learned: the quickest route to Sevil was rumored to have been attacked on multiple occaisions at a point located in a patch of woods. Rohonom quickly devised a plan in which the caravan took an alternate, longer route. He would ride out earlier with 8 horses and a small squad of guards before the main caravan and stop at a halfway point. The caravan itself would ride to Rohonom hard then switch the horses for the horses which were rested with Rohonom and continue on.
The escort soon became dangerous during the trek to Sevil, the kobolds (of which they had warning) appeared on their travels to stop, attack, and raid the four wagons of the caravan. Rohonom was the first to engage after the caravan had passed. The caravan itself (under the care of Ryelle, a very hungover and useless Robert, and Taeo) came upon a troupe of Kobolds blocking the hills. Rather than power through the hills and kobolds, Ryelle ordered a stop to the caravan. They prepared to fight.

The battle went as follows: The kobolds attacked the caravan as Ryelle went out to meet them and Taeo covered the rear by sneaking beneath the wagons. Ryelle began devastating the enemies’ lines with vicious ferocity as foes fell and she turned her attention to a Kobold with arcane powers. Rohonom caught up with the stopped party on his speading horse and entered into the fray, passing by Taeo. Taeo moves up to help when kobolds approach from the rear, forcing taeo to move back to protect the children, but before he makes it, two kobolds grab two children from out of the wagon. Taeo catches up with them and dispatches them. Ryelle chases a fleeing kobold leader who has launched some sick looking green-black rays and orbs of energy at the party members and quickly dispatches them. As it dies, Ryelle learns a dreadful secret.

The battle won, the party together, and Robert asleep, they continue to Sevil.



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