Four Adopted Children

Into Sevil

Sevil, Four, Adopted

They reach Sevil with no casualties and safely finish the escort portion of their mission. The adventurers split up and get their first glimpses of the town. They look around and each check on what interests them before their night’s rest after a long day.

Before Taeo goes to sleep, he checks on the apothecary and buys the recipe for his first poison. When he is about to go visit Old Man Paddywhack’s shop with Ryelle, he catches a fleeting figure out of the corner of his eye, and in his curiosity he chases it down with a “I’ll be back soon.” to Ryelle (Ryelle is sufficiently confused, Taeo thinks at this time). Taeo chases a figure through alleys in a seemingly circular path, and when he’s noticed that he’s been… noticed, he decides to look around one more corner before he leaves the runner alone. He looks, and promptly sees a knife at his nose held by one Tiefling named Lira. He recognizes her as one of the three girls he spotted in the DMMV and also as one of the Umberguard. She wasn’t alone last time, and her sisters could be around, so he covers his back by leaning it against a building wall before their conversation begins. Afterwards, Taeo returns to the Dryad’s Vine where he learns that Robert has his own secrets. Foreboding points are made, and Taeo goes out for another walk and prays to the Raven Queen for some time. Lira finds him and they have an interesting conversation on the roof of a building. She taunts him by flipping knives as though to challenge him.



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